An automatic sprinkler system will do a much better job, because a professionally designed system delivers exactly the right amount of water to specific lawn and garden areas.

In addition to our sprinkler system repair services, we also specialize in sprinkler system tune ups, sprinkler system maintenance, sprinkler system reroutes, Pumps & well repairs, new system installation, and upgrading your existing sprinkler system to operate like new.

It is crucial that your residential irrigation system be working properly to avoid wasting water. The more water is wasted, the more money comes out of your pocket. A good irrigation system properly installed with the highest quality parts will provide you service for many years, but it must be maintained and checked regularly to ensure you’re getting the most from the sprinkler system.

Let the experts at Sun Sprinklers help you with your irrigation system repair so you can be confident that any repairs are being done by specialists. Our Rain bird certified technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable about all issues of lawn sprinkler repair in the orlando area.

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